Tips & Nips

Homemade Daubers




Homemade stamp/ink Daubers: PVC pipe cut into 3/4″
(guesstimate) and stuffed with make up sponges
(which can be changed out when they are really used up). Try this!




dental Floss tip



Here is another tip I saw on Pinterest

using Dental Floss for Crafting







Coffee Cup Stamping

Another stamping tip from Lisa’s Stamp Studio

using a coffee cup on Pinterest:

Here’s an important tip.  The new firm foam ink pads

are soft so don’t twist the bottom of your coffee cup

in the pad or you risk tearing it.  Yep…ask me how I

know that!  ((heavy sigh))

Tap gently and place the inked mug on your card. Simple!





Embossing tip

An Embossing tip from Pinterest:

Before inking your image that you wish to emboss,

rub a daryer sheet over your paper. This eliminates

the static that causes some bits of embossing powder

to stick in unwanted places.


Blocks with rubberbands



Another tip from Pinterest:

Need a background stamp? Try using your clear

blocks with rubberbands






Tip on clear image



Another Stamp Technique from Pinterest:

Condition your stamps: If you aren’t happy with the quality of your stamped images,
try going over the surface of your stamp with a large eraser in order to give your ink
a little texture to grip to. This is especially effective with larger stamps, and it
works on both clear and rubber varieties to give you crisper images.”