3-Step White Washing Technique

Step1 Emboss


  1. I stamped the line images from Secret Garden (Stampin’Up!) in VersaMark,
  2. then embossed with White embossing powder.
  3. Add a little White Craft Ink Refill onto a Plastic Palette. I used the lid of an embellishment container.
  4. Fill an Aqua Painter with water, then squeese a few drops of water onto the ink to thin it.

Step 2 White Wash


  1. Use the Aqua painter to paint a thin layer of White Craft Ink over the top of your embossed image.
  2. Let it dry Completely. If necessary use the low setting on your heat tool.
  3. With your ink pad closed, squeeze your ink pad together to transfer some ink from your pad to the Lid.
  4. Now you can use it as a palette…
    TIP:Firm Foam ink pads will transfer lots of ink, but the old felt style may not Transfer as easily. Just add a few drops from your ink refill onto the lid instead.

Step 3 Color


  1. Use blender pens to pick up the ink from the palette and color in the Image 
  2. I like to create shading for depth.  I do this by laying down color on one side, then blending it out to the other side.
  3.  I’ve worked from the left side of the petal to right on this image.  You could also work from the center of the flower outward.
  4.  Generally, always start with thin light layers of color and add darker areas of color for shading.