You can start stamping with very few supplies. Creative Rubber Stamping can be as simple as making a selection from each of these basic categories:
  • Stamps
  • Papers (or other surfaces)
  • Inks
The more stamp images you have to mix and match, the more the fun multiplies.

“What is Masking?”

Sometimes you may want to stamp a composite image (that’s an image that is made up of more than one stamp).
Let’s say you’d like to stamp a flock of geese flying across the face of a mountain. How could you do that without having the images overlap? MASKING, that’s how!

“What is Pearl Ex?”

Pearl Ex is a pearlescent medium used to alter color and its most dramatic effects occur when applied on dark cardstock.  It comes in two forms powder and paint. The powder can be mixed with any viscous medium such as glue, gum arabic or acrylic medium (the base for any acrylic paint).

“Stamping With Bleach”
Usually, when you stamp an image, you use ink. But a very attractive two tone effect can be achieved by substituting household bleach for your ink pad.
 Don’t worry about your stamp, the bleach won’t harm it in any way.

” Ghosting Technique”


Faux Tiling Technique

This technique is done by using Simply Scored Scoring Tool, Simply Scored Diagonal Plate, your choice of color and a sponge.