Rubber Stamping for the Beginner

  1. The easiest way to enhance your images is by using glitter. Glitters give the card a little extra sparkle and they come across as striking for both adults and children. However, you may want to minimize on the glitter when decorating for an adult.
  1. If you want to create interesting backgrounds for your stamped images then try and use alcohol ink. It’s not frequently used in rubber stamping, but it can work out great if you want to produce very beautiful backgrounds for rubber stamping images.
  1. You can also use rubber stamps to create very nice add-ons for your cards. For instance, you can stamp an image of a beautiful flower with a simple outline and then define it by using a little glitter. When done, cut it out and then use it to decorate a card instead of having to purchase new embellishments. We know that rubber stamping embellishments don’t come cheap so this can be a great way to save and still come up with unique designs.
  1. If you want to create a rubber stamped background then you can start by randomly stamping a single image on your card or paper several times. Avoid adding ink so that some of the images appear lighter than the others. This multiple stamping will create a beautiful background on the paper.
  1. Don’t get tired of sourcing for inspiration and ideas. There are lots of card making magazines and websites that you can use as a tool to improve your rubber stamping skills. Feel free to implement out of the box ideas instead of trying to play it safe all the time. After all, an innovative designwill only come if you take some level of risk.